Senior/Non-elderly Disabled Housing

The East Hartford Housing Authority is dedicated to assisting the senior and non-elderly disabled members of the community to continue living active, fulfilling lives.  Housing options are available that provide comfortable and affordable living situations for both the senior and disabled residents of East Hartford.

Eligibility for this program:

  • Be 62 years of age, or older
  • OR handicapped/disabled as defined in section 223 of the Social Security Act
  • Earn 80 percent of area median income or less as a household to qualify
  • Pay 30 percent of their household's monthly income for rent and utilities
  • Live alone, with a partner, or with individuals who make up a larger household
  • Meet screening criteria and have acceptable rental and criminal histories
  • Are citizens or have eligible immigration status at the time of admission to the program

The Housing Authority Resident Services Directories

East Hartford Housing Authority

East Hartford Housing Authority 

Welcome to the East Hartford Housing Authority located in the town of East Hartford, CT where we provide, affordable housing programs, safe housing for low income and moderate-income families, seniors and individuals with disabilities.

We build strong, vibrant communities with opportunities for educational, recreational and community involvement. At EHHA, we offer several housing programs to meet the needs of our people. Browse our website for more resident information, news, and how to become a resident of the East Hartford Housing Authority.

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