Pet Policy

The policy regarding ownership of pets differs slightly between elderly/disabled units and general occupancy (family) units.

  • Pet policies do not apply to animals that are used to assist, support, or provide service to persons with disabilities or elderly, or to service animals that visit public housing developments.
  • Other than service/reasonable accommodation animals, only fish and birds are allowed to be kept as pets on any EHHA property.
  • For information and regulations regarding pets in the EHHA, please read the following document.  Pet Policy (PDF)
  • Pet Policy will not be applied to animals that assist persons with disabilities or elderly.
    To be excluded from the pet policy, the resident/pet owner must certify:
    • That there is a person with disabilities in the household;
    • That the animal has been trained to assist with the specified disability.
    • To request a reasonable accommodation, please complete the following form and return to your Housing Coordinator or Property Manager. Reasonable Accommodation Request Form